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All our elements are made of steel, wood and recyclable raw materials or recycled materials.


We design functional spaces, integrating Smart Cities technologies.


Our street furniture adapts to all comfort needs with a unique design.

Frepat Urban Equipment, your partner for all your urban projects. Restoring a coexistence between cities and the natural environment.

Street furniture by CATEGORY

Through our product lines, benches, planters, baskets, bollards, tree grills, bike racks, curbs, complements, signage, shading, and other custom-made items and objects, the industrial avant-garde joins contemporary architecture, through the marriage of noble materials with elegant finishes and innovative technologies.


Usb charging points


Benches and Tables


Planters and Tree Gratings


Litter bins and Ashtrays


Bollards, Gates and Bicycle Racks


Reinforced edging and complements

Street Furniture by PRODUCT RangeS

Discover our ranges designed for contemporary spaces. Robust and durable, they blend into all types of environment, natural or urban, with style and originality.

Custom Urban Projects

Frepat Urban Equipment is your partner to create an improved urban environment. We contribute to the design of urban planning projects with tailor-made furniture.

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